mharc Release: 0.6.1

2002-09-04 21:25:55
Release 0.6.1 made in /mnt/WWW/customers/
2002/09/04: v0.6.1

* bin/extract-mesg-date:
  . Added check for new MSG_DATE_FIELDS variable denoting
    the message header fields to extract the date from.  The
    value of MSG_DATE_FIELDS is used if -datefields is not specified.

* bin/filter-spool:
  . If there is no mail in the spool, but .newmail exists,
    filter-spool will still process .newmail.  .newmail is the
    messages copied from the spool when filter-spool is executing.
    In the past, even if .newmail exists, no mail in the spool
    will cause filter-spool to exit.

* bin/web-archive:
  . Added check for MSG_DATE_FIELDS variable.  If set,
    its value will passed to MHonArc via the DATEFIELDS resource.
  . Define $MESG-CGI$ resource variable for use within MHonArc
    resource files.

* cgi-bin/
  . Internal changes so its uses new MHArc::CGI utility routines.
  . POD added.

* cgi-bin/
  . NEW: New CGI program to extract a message from an archive based
    upon message-id.  This allows for persistent URLs to messages
    that are immune to archive rebuilds that could change MHonArc
    message numbers.

    This CGI is referenced in the updated lib/
    resource file via the $MESG-CGI$ resource variable.  It is
    used for the new [Bookmark Link] on message pages.

* cgi-bin/
  . Added some sanity checks to argument input.
  . Internal changes so its uses new MHArc::CGI utility routines.
  . POD added.

* lib/
  . Added "[Bookmark Link]" to message page layout to provide a
    persistent link to the message.  The link provided makes use
    of the new mesg.cgi CGI script.

* lib/
  . Added MSG_DATE_FIELDS: List of message header fields to extract
    the date for a message.
  . Added MESG_CGI: URL to persistent message reference CGI program

* lib/MHArc/
  . NEW: Shared CGI utility routines for mharc CGI scripts.

* lib/MHArc/
  . extract_date() routine changed to handle indexed header fields
    in date fields argument.

    CAUTION: Only use indexed field specification if you are using
    a version of MHonArc *newer than* 2.5.11.  MHonArc v2.5.11,
    and earlier versions, do not support indexed fields for the
    DATEFIELDS resource.

* lib/MHArc/
  . NEW: Collection of routines related to Namazu.


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