Re: Suggestions for improving MHA's i18n support

2002-09-13 01:46:11
On September 13, 2002 at 02:55, Mooffie wrote:

This relates to the TODO item of having
chained filters.

Chained? You mean that they'll run one after the other?

If you examine a filter in HSMA, you'll see that its structure is:

sub my_new_HTML_filter {
      # 1. do some processing...
      # 2. call MHA's HTML filter
      # 3. do some more processing...

And this looks more usefull than a simple chain.

What you have is kind of a chain, but nothing prevents what you
currently have.  The chain filters would be something similiar
to how the Apache API works.  Therefore, you could register pre-
and post-filter.  For example, I could register a pre-filter for
text/* types that converts all text to a single character encoding,
or does some input error correction before the data is passed to the
main filter.


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