mharc Release: 0.6.2

2002-09-14 21:39:53
Release 0.6.2 made in /mnt/WWW/customers/
2002/09/14: v0.6.2

* doc/:
  . NEW: HTML documentation now exists, including documentation for
    the scripts and modules and an updated, and improved, installation

    Existing mharc users are encouraged to read through the new
    documentation, especially the installation document, since some
    helpful new information has been added.

* bin/web-archive:
  . Added definition of $NMZ-SUBJECT-QUERY$ resource variable.  It
    expands to a namazu query string that will find all messages with
    the same subject as the current message.

    This variable is referenced in the updated lib/
    resource for use with the new  [More on this subject...] link
    at the end of the message body.

* lib/
  . Added "[More on this subject...]" to message page layout that
    will provide a list of archive messages with the same subject as
    the current message.  This is an alternative navigational aid
    to discussion threads since it is not limited to the current
    period as thread listings are.

  . Some restructuring to support localization.  For an example on how
    localization can be done for a language, see

* etc/, etc/
  . Added access denial to working/temporary ".newmail" file used by
  . apache.conf directives adjusted to separate cgi-bin into its own
    Directory directive to provide better granularity of access.

* lib/mrc/
  . NEW: Includable resource file for English localization
    (defaults in are already in English, so this
    file mainly serves as a template for creating resource files
    for other languages).

* lib/mrc/
  . NEW: Includable resource file to allow for the addition of
    a logo, or small image, at the top of archive pages.

* lib/mrc/
  . NEW: Includable resource file for archives with searching disabled.

* lib/mrc/
  . NEW: Includable resource file for those who want to deter
    address harvesters.

* bin/*:
  . Programs in bin directory all perform a check if invoked in a
    CGI context.  If so, the program will abort execution.
    This is done to provide some extra security incase of server


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