mharc Release: 0.7.0

2002-09-27 22:36:53
Release 0.7.0 made in /mnt/WWW/customers/
2002/09/28: v0.7.0

* Extracting the mharc distribution will now generate a directory
  called "mharc-X.X.X", where X.X.X is the version of mharc.  A new
  install script (see next change item) is now provided to install
  mharc into the location you desire.

  Existing users should be aware of that you no longer just extract
  a distribution in the location of your existing mharc installation
  to perform upgrades.  You will now extract in a temporary location,
  and then use the install script provided (see next change item)
  to upgrade an existing installation.

  . New Perl installation program for mharc.  It should make the
    installation easier and more automated, and for new installations,
    it will preset some variables.

    NOTE: Not all installation steps can be automated, like crontab
    editing, web server configure, etc.  See the installation document
    for more information on the new installation process.

* bin/apply-config:
  . BUG FIX: Fixed handling of case when no directories are supplied
    on the command-line.  Cases where HTML_DIR, or other directory
    variables, are defined to pathnames not under $SW_ROOT are now
    handled.  Thanks to Eugene Eric Kim for spotting this problem.

* bin/filter-spool:
  . Updated to use new PROCMAIL, FORMAIL, and LOCKFILE variables
    representing the pathnames to the respective programs used by

* bin/web-archive:
  . BUG FIX: The ALL_LISTS_FILE variable in was not
    supported.  web-archive was looking up the wrong variable name.

* lib/
  . Added CGI_DIR variable to represent pathname to CGI bin directory
    (default value is $SW_ROOT/cgi-bin).  Various CGI variables now
    reference this variable in the default values.  CGI_DIR exists
    mainly for use by the new script.

  . Added PROCMAIL variable to represent pathname to procmail program.
  . Added LOCKFILE variable to represent pathname to lockfile program.
  . Added FORMAIL variable to represent pathname to formail program.


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