Re: changes to mharc's apply-config,

2002-09-24 13:02:05
On September 24, 2002 at 12:41, Eugene Eric Kim wrote:

I agree.  I put it there for convenience, but it is unnecessary and 
possibly confusing.

I think it can go either way.  An advantage of leaving it out is
that users are less like to try to mess with it.  So in apply-config's
case, it would default to $SW_ROOT/lib $SW_ROOT/etc.

Thinking of, if an existing does change the
locations of various directories, doing an upgrade will not work as
expected since an existing is not checked for when copying
distribution files over to SW_ROOT.  Ugh.  This just made implementing more complicated if upgrades are to be handled smartly.

Sorry about that. :-)  Seriously, does it really make it that much more 
complicated?  Seems to me it's just a matter of reading first, 
which is what all of the other scripts do already.

Yes, it would have to read first, but it adds extra
complication in the copying of files part since a single simple tar
command cannot be used.  The ugly part is if something like MHA_RC
is changed to some arbitrary pathname.  Directories can be handled
fairly straight-forward, but individual files could be a pain.

If we make the assumption that HTML_DIR and CGI_DIR are the only real
directories that can be changed, then only has to deal
with them.  We'll just have to punt on any individual file settings.
CGI_DIR is important to handle since is programmed to
check for CGI script changes and ask the user if they want existing
versions replaced with distribution versions.

BTW, more advanced users that doing complicated configurations will
probably have no problem handling any manual burden of doing upgrades.
So if MHA_RC is set to no-man's land, then the user would have to
manually deal with the dist version placed in $SW_ROOT/lib if they
want to utilize it.


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