Re: changes to mharc's apply-config,

2002-09-24 12:41:22
On Tue, 24 Sep 2002, Earl Hood wrote:

I am not sure about this one.  I have considered it, but I believe it
is generally useless because of the way is loaded.

I agree.  I put it there for convenience, but it is unnecessary and 
possibly confusing.

Thinking of, if an existing does change the
locations of various directories, doing an upgrade will not work as
expected since an existing is not checked for when copying
distribution files over to SW_ROOT.  Ugh.  This just made implementing more complicated if upgrades are to be handled smartly.

Sorry about that. :-)  Seriously, does it really make it that much more 
complicated?  Seems to me it's just a matter of reading first, 
which is what all of the other scripts do already.


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