Re: mharc listname interpolation in config variables

2002-09-24 12:40:13
On September 24, 2002 at 10:56, Eugene Eric Kim wrote:

I'd like to configure mharc so that mbox is a subdirectory of every list.  
In other words, I'd like something like:


Enabling such a configuration would require some variable (e.g. 
$LIST_NAME) that would be interpolated for each list when reading a config 
variable.  Looking at the current code, such a feature would require a 
fairly major code change.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this feature

Would you provide the reasons why you like this feature?

and on the proper way of implementing this feature?

The problem with the implementation is that it at least affects
three scripts: mk-procmailrc, web-archive, and extract-mesg.cgi.
You also start getting into variables within variables.

It is definitely possible to implement such a feature, but I am
currently failing to see if the benefits of such a feature outweighs
the effort in implementing it.


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