Re: invalid link label for a message attachment if file name is MIME encoded.

2003-02-06 04:26:36
I solved this issue...
By using a TEXTENCODE resource , the $filename is already decoded before 
calling the MAILhead_get_disposition, therefore, a "if (/filename="([^"]+)"/i)"
in the MAILhead_get_disposition sets wrong "$1" if filename contains x22 
(sorry,not x25. '"' is 0x22 !).

I've used a resource file like below.This is the same that is described in the
doc/resources/textencode.html. and then I deleted top of the 3 lines , I got
a good result!
To preserve the iso-2022-jp encoding, it is no longer needed a TEXTENCODE 
resource because of changing by BUGFIX #2474 , I suppose. :-)
#I've not been testing enough,sorry...
iso-2022-jp; MHonArc::Encode::from_to; MHonArc/

<-- Make sure to use iso-2022-jp aware charset converter -->
<CharsetConverters override>
default; iso_2022_jp::str2html;

<-- Need to also register iso-2022-jp-aware text clipping function -->

Our mailing-list contains a number of charactersets. I want to htmlize
by using Unicode character entity references except ISO-2022-JP.
I'm looking forward to v2.6.0!
Many thanks.
Tomohiko Sugihara

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