Re: mod_perl [was: Newbie...]

2003-02-07 14:39:16
Earl Hood wrote:
In your current code, the LOG is in the main:: namespace (as part of *LOG).

True, I forgot that.

Only files that are loaded during server startup -- there are mod_perl
configuration directives to pre-load files -- will stay persistent
through out the life of the Apache main process.  All others vary
depending on the life-span of the child processes.

Aha, I wasn't aware of the need to distinct between the main process and child processes.

Shouldn't we better advise Bill to stick with CGI for the time being?

Agreed, but if he is willing to try it, let him go for it.  IMO,
mod_perl execution provides little, to no, benefits since
is only invoked occassionaly, so real-time performance is not
a concern.  Plus, most of the processing overhead will be in
POP mail retrieval and/or MHonArc archive processing.  The CGI overhead
is probably negligable in this context.

Assuming that he choose to let incoming messages update the archive instantly, the reduced load on the server that mod_perl makes possible would fit well, wouldn't it?

/ Gunnar

Gunnar Hjalmarsson

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