mharc Release: 0.7.2

2003-04-07 20:42:15
Release 0.7.2 made in /mnt/WWW/customers/
2002/04/07: v0.7.2

* bin/apply-config, bin/mh-month-pack:
  . Removed 'use Pod::Usage' statement.  It is required only when
    needed.  This should allow script execution on systems that do
    not have Pod::Usage installed (but user will not be able to get
    help from the command-line).

* bin/apply-config:
  . Minor change which should make apply-config run under older versions
    of Perl with older versions of File::Find module.

* cgi-bin/
  . Https check added so redirect URL sent to client will start with
    'https://' if secure HTTP is being used (thanks to Jonathon Padfield
    for catching this).

* bin/mk-procmailrc:
  . Some optimization cleanup on procmailrc generation.

* bin/web-archive:
  . Added -keepsearch option to preserve the search index when
    -rebuild is specified.

  . Added $HOME/libexec, /usr/lib/cgi-bin, and /usr/local/lib/cgi-bin
    paths when searching for namazu.cgi.


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