MHonArc Release: 2.6.7

2003-08-07 15:26:16
Release 2.6.7 made in /mnt/WWW/customers/
2003/08/07      (2.6.7)

* Bug Fixes:

    Bug ID  Summary
    ------  ------------------------------------------------------------
     4569   Problem with unfolding can mess up boundary processing in
            multipart messages.
     4594   Initial space on lines removed when using fancyquote.
    ------  ------------------------------------------------------------

* Added LANG resource to define locale.  Affects resource filename
  resolution and message subject and author sorting.

* updated to define the following special header field
  keys passed to filter routines:

    x-mha-content-type    The media type of the entity extracted from
                          content-type entity header
    x-mha-part-number     The relative part number of the entity with
                          respect to parent entity.  To get the
                          absolute part number, use
    x-mha-parent-header   Reference to parent header fields hash.

  This, and other data structures, are now mentioned in the MIMEFILTERS
  resource page.

* Text/richtext tag, <samepage>, is quietly dropped in


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