[bug #4687] broken pipe when message in archive

2003-08-09 11:51:16

=================== BUG #4687: LATEST MODIFICATIONS ==================

Changes by: Earl Hood <earl(_at_)earlhood(_dot_)com>
Date: Sat 08/09/2003 at 13:48 (US/Central)

            What     | Removed                   | Added
              Status | Open                      | Closed
       Fixed Release |                           | N/A

=================== BUG #4687: FULL BUG SNAPSHOT ===================

Submitted by: dgs1                    Project: MHonArc                      
Submitted on: Fri 08/08/2003 at 16:29
Category:  Mail Parsing               Severity:  1 - Ordinary               
Bug Group:  Incorrect Behavior        Resolution:  Invalid                  
Assigned to:  None                    Status:  Closed                       
Platform Version:  Solaris            Perl Version:  5.0 patchlevel 5 
subversion 3
Component Version:  v2.6.7            Fixed Release:  N/A                   

Summary:  broken pipe when message in archive

Original Submission:  If a MIME message is already in the archive, and a 
duplicate is cat'ed via
 cat [message] | mhonarc -add -rcfile [file]
bash-2.03$ cat [message] | mhonarc -add -rcfile mhonarc.rc 
This is MHonArc v2.6.7, Perl 5.00503 solaris
Reading database ...
Reading resource file: /home/gray/work/rebuild030424/eureka-leaders//mhonarc.rc 
Adding message to /home/gray/work/rebuild030424/eureka-leaders/

No new messages
Broken Pipe

If procmail is used, then it reports and error.

I can avoid the error by updating, and adding 
between the lines
        print STDOUT "No new messagesn"  unless $QUIET;
        return 1;

Follow-up Comments

Date: Fri 08/08/2003 at 17:15       By: ehood
[Not a Bug]
The "broken pipe" is generated due to a SIGPIPE being sent
to cat when mhonarc terminates.  I'm guessing that Solaris'
cat program does not look for SIGPIPE when writing to
stdout.  Or it actually does and decides to report the

The message is harmless, and patching mhonarc to "slurp"
STDIN is unnecessary and inefficient.

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