mharc Release: 0.7.3

2003-08-09 11:52:54
Release 0.7.3 made in /mnt/WWW/customers/
2003/08/09: v0.7.3

Bugs Fixed:

  Bug ID  Summary
  ------  ------------------------------------------------------------
   4319   Order of list archive defs in lists.def not reflected in
  ------  ------------------------------------------------------------

* lib/
  . Changed the default value of BOOKMARK-LINK-LABEL custom resource
    variable to "Permanent&nbsp;Link".  This appears to be more
    descriptive and less ambiguous than "Bookmark&nbsp;Link".
    The resource variable name will stay the same for compatibility

+ lib/common.mrc.{da,en,pl}.in.dist:
  . Localized resource settings for common.mrc.  These replace
    the mrc/_lang* files.  These new files fit with the new Lang
    option for lib/lists.def that leverages the new LANG resource
    support in MHonArc (v2.6.7 and later) for providing easier
    localization management of archives.

  . The Polish localization is new to mharc and contributed by
    Bartosz Feski.

- lib/mrc/_lang_*
  . Removed (see previous item).

* bin/web-archive:
  . Added support for the following lists.def options:

      All-Lists-Name:       Archive name to use in all-lists index
      Lang:                 Language of archive
                            (requires MHonArc v2.6.7 or later).
      Hide-From-All-Lists:  Do not list archive in all-lists index

    See the mk-procmailrc manpage for more information about these

* bin/mk-procmailrc:
  . Archives can now be defined solely by Procmail-Condition, without
    the requirement of defining an Address or From-Address option.

* etc/,
  . Sample logrotate(8) configuration file and template crontab entry
    added to facilitate mharc log file rotation.  Logrotate is provided
    under most linux distros and is widely used on Unix systems.

* etc/
  + Added commented Alias directive for ROOT_URL.


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