MHonArc CVS Tree Moved

2004-03-05 16:39:57

The CVS repository for MHonArc has been moved over to another
non-savannah system.  Once, if ever, the savannah folks are able to
allow CVSROOT updates, the repository will be moved back.  But until
then, it is in a location that allows me to do what I require for
MHonArc development.

With the move, the CVS repository that is accessible from
savannah is now stale.  I tried to disable CVS via the project
admin screen, but it appears to have no effect.

The bug tracking system will still be used.

Since the new CVS location does not provide anonymous access,
I have re-enabled nightly snapshot builds.  This way, those who
want to play view the latest source can goto
<>.  If you
want to download it in distribution form, go to

Things should be ready for a new release (2.6.9).  For those
that are adventurous, please test out the latest snapshot.
2.6.9 release has been delayed for months due to the problems
with Savannah, so I hope to release it soon, and will appreciate
any usage feedback from anyone that decides to try out the latest

The following is the current list of changes available in the
latest snapshot:

* Bug Fixes:

    Bug ID  Summary
    ------  ------------------------------------------------------------
     5473   directory separator for attachments on W2K
     5643   New ressource - newsserver
     5758   MULTIPG and NOSAVERESOURCES cause archive to be rewritten
     5905   Modification of non-creatable array value attempted
    ------  ------------------------------------------------------------

* New resources:

    ATTACHMENTDIR       Directory to save attachments.
    ATTACHMENTURL       Web URL to attachment directory.
    NEWSURL             URL template for linking to newsgroups.

* Attachment filenames have changed from the numeric-style
  <ext><#####>.<ext> to <ext><XXXXXXXXXX>.<ext> where <XXXXXXXXXX>
  is a random string.  The change corresponds with a change to the
  API to mhonarc::write_attachment() function in

* m2h_text_plain::filter:
  . Changed default quoting styles: Left rule changed from 0.1em
    to 0.2em and the color changed from #0000FF to #5555EE.

  . Minor changes to flowed formatting in order to provide
    consistancy with how Mozilla's Gecko engine renders flowed text.

* will use MIME::Base64 module if present.  MIME::Base64
  uses an underly C implementation for decoding, so it is noticably
  faster than the pure-Perl approach.


P.S.  The file download area at savannah has also been disabled.

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