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2005-08-12 13:26:49
On August 12, 2005 at 15:49, East Coast Coder wrote:

I should note that I use a require $ENV{...} in the callbacks, to
allow easy change to a config file - but I've been doing this for a
while, with no problems.  If the envar isn't set, -c fails.

Require caches what is loads, so if the value of $ENV{...} does
not change (i.e. it resolves to the same file), perl does not
reparse the file.

Note, mhonarc forces a re-parse of for each archive
it processes.  So if you change it, mhonarc will automatically get
the new changes when it processes the next archive.

I've been running with -noarchive, and using the callbacks to store
the rendered html in a database (as I had discussed with you - it has
been working fine).  To answer your question, I removed the -noarchive

The answer: no, the messages are not being created.  The mhonarcdb ,
threads.html, and maillist.html are created, but have no message
specific information (they do have the file specifc headers - the db
has all of the mhonarc metainformation, but lists no messages at all).

I'm really puzzled.

MHonArc v2.6.12 (Perl 5.008005 linux)
perl5 (revision 5 version 8 subversion 5) 

The latest version v2.6.15, so you may want to try it just to
see if anything changes.

Note, v2.6.12 did have a modification to how some API callbacks
were handled.  You should check the release notes and then your
code to see if this change affected you.

If the problem is still present, then you may have to debug things to
figure things out, including debugging mhonarc code, concentrating
on parts that tell mhonarc to stop processing a message.  My guess,
mhonarc is getting a stop indication from somewhere.  You can either
run things under the perl debugger or just add some temporary print
statements to see where mhonarc decides to skip further processing.


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