Re: MessageBodyRead

2005-08-09 21:39:12
On August 9, 2005 at 22:26, East Coast Coder wrote:

Is there anything that could cause MessageHeadRead to be called, but
not MessageBodyRead?

I had a set of callbacks working fine.  Recently, MessageBodyRead will
not be called.  I've done some modifications, but none that I can
think should stop this.  I double checked the lines in the

Do "perl -e" on the file?

The last line of MessageHeadRead callback is return 1; , and it gets
to this line (confirmed via logging).  Is it possible that for some
reason Mhonarc is not calling the BodyRead callback?  Like I said, I
really can't think of any change I have done to disrupt this - but the
email archive has grown very large, and maybe some of the delivery /
headers are comming in differently...

Are the messages still getting converted and showing up on the


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