Re: Mhonarc Catching Signals

2005-08-09 22:53:12
On August 10, 2005 at 00:01, East Coast Coder wrote:

Sorry for not being more clear.

The signal is used for when I change the callbacks or config.  It is a
quick sub which sets a flag $exit_requested = 1.  After each
process_archive(), the flag is checked.  That way, an exit happens
timely, but not in the middle of a process_archive run (and certainly
not in the middle of processing an individual message!).

The signal handling in mhonarc is not friendly for embedded
based work, and this should be fixed.

First, it appears that mhonarc does not properly reset signal handlers
after an archive is processed.  But even if it did, this would not
help you if you send a signal during mhonarc's write operations.

An option should be made available to disable MHonArc's signal
handling, mainly for embedded usage, causing the caller to be
responsible for any signal handling.  Alternatively, mhonarc can
support caller registered handlers for specific signals.  Possibly
defining callback routines for when mhonarc sets and resets signal
handlers, allowing the mhonarc caller to hook in (and hook out)
handlers for only select signals while allowing mhonarc to handle
the others.


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