Re: Relative path in AttachmentDir (bug?)

2006-01-12 13:39:47
On January 11, 2006 at 20:41, Chris Heath wrote:

I noticed the same thing.  I think I like the existing behavior the best
because when you use -attachmentdir <dir> on the command line, it is
more intuitive to make it relative to the current directory.  So IMHO it
should be categorized as a documentation bug.

The documentation represents the intended behavior, so Paul
discovered a bug.  The intended behavior is to be consistent with
other functionality related to an archive, with OUTDIR serving as
the default "root" for relative pathnames associated to an archive.

Therefore, if

  OUTDIR = /some/path/to/an/archive


  ATTACHMENTDIR = attachments

Then attachments should be saved to

I think making it relative to the cwd is not very useful and
problematic.  ATTACHMENTDIR is tightly coupled with ATTACHMENTURL, so
when relative names are used, ATTACHMENTDIR should eqaul ATTACHMENTURL.
If making ATTACHMENTDIR relative to cwd, then more thought is needed
by the user in determining the value of ATTACHMENTURL.

Paul, please submit a bug report via savannah so the problem and
future fix can be tracked formally.



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