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2007-04-17 09:35:20
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On April 14, 2007 at 14:57, "Jeff Breidenbach" wrote:

The number of calls look pretty interesting. For example,
there are almost five thousand calls to the RFC822
tokenizer when adding a single message to an archive.

Caching tokenized data may help here.

Of course, there is the trade-off to creating and maintaining
the cache structure versus re-parsing.  But, 5,000 calls
does seem excessive.

My guess is the re-parsing of base data to extract author names
and other info for index page regeneration.

Anyway, sounds like the easiest big programmatic
gains might come from get_time_from_index and
possibly reviewing some of the call counts.

Hopefully, this should be easy to test out.  I tried to
write the code so get_time_from_index is used throughout,
allowing us to try a separate hash to store time so you
get a hash lookup to get the time versus a hash lookup and
a split().

possible win is reviewing resource files and see if
there are some unnecessary variables that can be
trimmed out. I'll go ahead and do the latter since it
is super easy.

One possibility is to have meta-resource files to abstract
strings (like you do for L10N strings).  You process the
meta-resource files to create the resource files for
use in mhonarc.

Unsure if the work required is worth any gain.  My guess is
the bulk of resource variables used (and resolved) are
for dynamic content (like index page entries).


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