Re: profiling results

2007-04-17 20:15:45
> Another
> possible win is reviewing resource files and see if
> there are some unnecessary variables that can be
> trimmed out. I'll go ahead and do the latter since it
> is super easy.

One possibility is to have meta-resource files to abstract
strings (like you do for L10N strings).  You process the
meta-resource files to create the resource files for
use in mhonarc.

Unsure if the work required is worth any gain.  My guess is
the bulk of resource variables used (and resolved) are
for dynamic content (like index page entries).

So I experimented by cutting out a few of the variables from
the resource file,  which managed to cut down a few hundred
calls calls to mhonarc::replace_li_var. But in this case there were
still about 16,000 left so impact was minimal. And again, this was
for adding one message to a 3000 message archive.

So this one too might boil down to call count and looping over
more data than necessary; but I don't know if anything can be
done about it without major surgery.


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