Re: Bug with -add and input from STDIN

1996-01-08 13:33:17

I finially could reproduce my last 'From' problem in the indexes:

      mhonarc -outdir one-mail -mbox        one-mail.mbox
        mhonarc -outdir one-mail -mbox -add < one-mail.mbox

The second invocation is invalid.  If mhonarc reads from
stdin, then it interprets the input as a single mail message and
not a mailbox.  I.e.  The second invovation will treat one-mail.mbox
as a single mail message, even if it really contains multiple

BTW, there is a bug in the documentation that states you can
do something like the second invocation in the Overview section.
The bug is mentioned at the mhonarc home page and will be corrected
in the next release.

-add's test for duplicate mail is wrong. The result is that
empty fields (date, from ...) are saved in .mhonarc.db
(and therefore empty fields are writen to the indexes).

I'll look into it.


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