Re: Mhonarc

1996-01-09 23:47:04
Is it possible to access the $SUBJECT$ and $FROMNAME$ variables for
the next and previous messages for insertion in NEXTBL, etc.? This would
be important information for the reader.

I plan to give more power in customizing the top bottons of messages
in the next release, and the ability for the user to add their
own buttons beyond the default ones.

Another thing I would find useful is a variable containing only the
calendar date, rather than the entire date field (i.e., without the
time). This would be useful for inclusion on the index pages. The full
date field takes too much space.

Also on my todo list.  I may make multiple variables available
for each component of the date.  This will allow better control
on how to format dates.

It would be very useful to be able to embed every email address in the
body of posting in a mailto: URL. This would be valuable both for
postings forwarded by one person for another, and for postings in
which email is quoted from another source. Presumably, this could be
done with code similar to whatever you use to embed URLs in links. Can
you point me to the location of that? If so, I could try this, myself.

I used to have e-mail addressed converted to mailto URLs, but
I removed it since the logic was getting quite complex to avoid
conflicts with message ids (usually in news posts), because mhonarc
tries to detect message ids to see if they can be linked.  That
is why e-mail address detection is limited to the message headers.

You can register your own text/plain filter to do e-mail address
detection.  You just need to be careful and to avoid treating
referenced message ids as e-mail addresses.


P.S.  A mhonarc mailing list has recently been set up.  To find
out how to subscribe and access the WWW archive of it, see

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