Getting mhonarc to work with MacPerl

1996-01-09 23:59:44
Is anybody on the list familiar with MacPerl?  I'm trying to
incorporate MacPerl support into mhonarc based upon patches sent
to me by Achille Petrilli <achille(_dot_)petrilli(_at_)cern(_dot_)ch>.  I've
sent mail to Achille, but have yet to here back, so maybe someone
else can help out.


    How does one specify an absolute pathname under MacPerl?

    How are end-of-lines handled (\r vs \n vs \r\n)?

    Can installation follow the same procedure as Unix/MS-DOS?

I've updated the mhonarc code to deal with Unix, MS-DOS/Windows, or
Mac (based upon what Achille gave me).  The main thing left is
the installation process (reason why I ask about absolute pathnames).

Also, when I get something ready, I'll need someone who has access
to MacPerl to test things out.

Any help appreciated,


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