Re: Threading Eudora e-mail with MHonArc

1996-01-26 15:27:00
Robert, I'm forwarding your message to the mhonarc mailing list.  Since
I do not have experience with PC based MUAs, maybe someone on the
list may know the answer to your problem.

Info on the  mhonarc mailing list can be obtained at

Qualcomm -
      We are trying to put on-line a set of Netscape-accessible archives
of e-mail for various groups in the College of Education here at MSU
(e.g., our Ameritech Project, International Students news, the Dean's
Education Futures Forum).  The archives are built using MHonArc [ver.
1.1.0] and (the first couple that we have started -- BIG and TEC) can be
found on our 486 operating with Linux:
MHonArc allows for sequencing the archives by date as well as by thread,
where messages in a thread are linked together using the ID numbers
passed along in the "In-Reply-To:" field of e-mail responses.  Although
this works fine for e-mail responded to from our Unix/sendmail systems
(e.g., CLUNIX or PILOT), it appears that when these e-mail accounts are
accessed via Eudora, Eudora does not generate (or pass along) this field.
Unfortunately I'm not familiar enough with the workings of Eudora to
figure out how to fix this.  My question is (given that the majority of the
faculty in our College have been urged to use Eudora or Eudora Pro [ver.
2.1.3]), is there any way that we can get Eudora to generate this
"In-Reply-To:" field so that our archives can be threaded?  Any help or
insight you could provide would be most appreciated.  Thanks! 
 - Tim

 R. Timothy Smith, PhD                               243 Erickson Hall
 Academic Specialist                   Department of Teacher Education
 (517) - 432 - 3373                          Michigan State University
 rtsmith(_at_)clunix(_dot_)msu(_dot_)edu                        East Lansing, 
MI  48824

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