Re: MHonArc on a Mac

1996-01-26 15:41:35
        Reply to:   RE>MHonArc on a Mac

1) On the Mac, you have no traditional line-oriented way of working. So you
just drag-n-drop a mailbox (or even a set of mailboxes, I seem to remember
this works too) on top of the MHonArc application. MHonArc then receives the
full pathname.

So how are command-line options handled?  Do you have to rely soley on
the resource file?  Can the OUTDIR resource element be used to control
where the location of the converted files go to?

3) I'm afraid the Mac cannot really work without AUTODIR: there is no current
directory concept on MacOS. As I said earlier, you just drag-n-drop, MHonArc
then has to figure out where to put the results: the only sensible choices ar
then the same directory as the mailbox or the MHonArc directory or some
predefined directory somewhere else.

Interesting.  I guess I'll put it in.

Anyway, when you have a new version, I'm willing to test it before you releas

Great.  I'll hook in the AUTODIR feature for Mac purposes.  I
will send out mail when the next beta version is ready with the
autodir functionality.

BTW, How is installation handled?  I have a feeling that Mac installation
will be completely different from Unix/MS-DOS installation.  I'd like
to know what can be done so I can document it.  Whatever information
you can supply will be greatly appreciated.


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