MHonArc on a Mac

1996-01-05 16:21:33

I've been incorporating Mac support into mhonarc based upon the patches
you gave me.


        o  How does one specify an absolute pathname under MacPerl?
           I'd like to update the installation program and documentation.
           Unless installation under a Mac would require a completely
           different process.

        o  Have you resolved the problem with \n, \r, translation?

        o  I may not include autodir in the next release.  The feature
           can provide confusion when multiple mailboxes/folders are
           being processed.

        o  I like autotitle, but it also, may not make the next release.
           Autotitle would have to be used with care, especially when
           archive multiple mailboxes and folders (which title to use?).

        o  I noticed you changed mhonarc to have a default resource
           file name.  The reason I did not have mhonarc use a default
           resource file is that it can lead to unnecessary computation
           during archive updates.  The database file stores resource
           information.  Therefore, it is unnecessary to constantly
           specify a resource file.  The only time you would want to
           respecify it is if changes in layout are to be done to the

I appreciate your work in getting it to run under MacPerl.  Hopefully,
I can incorporate what you did without screwing things up.  If
you do not mind, I'd like to be able to contact you for test purposes
to check that the next version of mhonarc can run under MacPerl.



P.S.  A mhonarc mailing list has recently been set up.  To find
out how to subscribe and access the WWW archive of it, see

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