Re: mhonarc next release

1996-01-03 18:58:57
 > I believe you can do this with $MSGNUM$.  It is not documented,
 > but it should work.  However, there may be leading zeros in the
 > message number.
 >    --ewh

It's now documented in the mail archive :-)

It almost worked :-(. After a look at the code I found that
mhonarc $XYZ$ variables are not substituted in <TINDEXBL>. The following
patch fixed this for me:

Ahh.  That is where you want it.  Actually, this is a good feature and
I'll add it for all button labels.

P.S. I know that mhonarc recognized In-Reply-To and Reference header
     but my mhl filter does not. Your reply listed my orignal mail in
     the In-Reply-To header but I had to insert it by cut&paste
     into this message. I send mail to mh-users, maybe someone there
     knows the solution.

Ahhh, again.  Misread what you were stating.  I do not know the answer
off-hand myself.


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