Re: mhonarc next release

1996-01-03 18:41:10
Earl Hood said:
Something else:

   o add the current message number to the variables substituted
          in the message configurations item. I have to use the HTTP
          http_referer header in a CGI script to get it. This has two
           - the URL is not unique for each mail
           - Reloads don't supply this header
     (See the [Original mail] buttons used in my mail archives)

I believe you can do this with $MSGNUM$.  It is not documented,
but it should work.  However, there may be leading zeros in the
message number.


It's now documented in the mail archive :-)

It almost worked :-(. After a look at the code I found that
mhonarc $XYZ$ variables are not substituted in <TINDEXBL>. The following
patch fixed this for me:

--- bin/mhonarc.sav     Thu Dec 14 17:54:19 1995
+++ bin/mhonarc         Thu Jan  4 01:12:19 1996
@@ -1451,7 +1463,9 @@
     print FILE qq|<A HREF="msg|, $i_p1, qq|.html">$NEXTBL</A>|
        if $i < $maxnum;
     print FILE qq|<A HREF="$IDXNAME#$i_p0">$IDXBL</A>|;
-    print FILE qq|<A HREF="$TIDXNAME#$i_p0">$TIDXBL</A>|  if $THREAD;
+    $template = $TIDXBL;
+    $template =~ s/\$([^\$]*)\$/&replace_li_var($1)/ge;
+    print FILE qq|<A HREF="$TIDXNAME#$i_p0">$template</A>|  if $THREAD;
     print FILE qq|\n|;
     print FILE "<!--X-TopPNI-End-->\n";

Thanks for the hint,
P.S. I know that mhonarc recognized In-Reply-To and Reference header
     but my mhl filter does not. Your reply listed my orignal mail in
     the In-Reply-To header but I had to insert it by cut&paste
     into this message. I send mail to mh-users, maybe someone there
     knows the solution.

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