Re: mhonarc next release

1996-01-03 16:17:15
Regarding MHonArc's code that creates a zero-length file to serve as a hint
that MHonArc is updating its files:

The way I plan to implement the force option is as follows:  If
a lockfil exists, ignore it, but do not delete it.  After update
is made, delete lockfile.

That would work tolerably with BigPerl but with NTPerl it will only succeed
if there is no actual second MHonArc process at work.  In this case, the
second MHonArc may overwrite some of the files written by the first MHonArc.

If you use the force option, you are telling mhonarc there is no
other process currently running.  Otherwise, the force option is
no different from normal operation.

If there is no sensible solution for NTPerl, then I'll write a
note in the documentation.  NTPerl would be limited to batch updates
to avoid archive corruption.

Could we stick in a test for NTPerl and some conditional code?

I do not know.


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