How to Handle "Stylized" Messages?

1996-02-05 16:40:44
Does anyone know how to convert normal text messages (typical mail
messages) to "normal html" without the need for preformatted text, 
either in or prior to MHonArc?  I've seen several html-to-text
converters, but am not aware of the reverse case.  (It seems to me
one would have to understand something about the "context" of the
message to make inferences about the proper html.)

I'd like this capability so that I can set up MHonArc to present
stylized messages, complete with imbedded web links and images.

Any ideas about how to handle this easily?  As I understand it, I
can specify messages as type "text/html" and MHonArc will preserve
all the html formatting, but that doesn't seem to solve the problem
of converting regular text (without <P> separators between paragraphs
and strategically placed <BR> tags) to html, so the text would all
run together.  Am I missing something?  (Quite possible.)

Any ideas or recommendations would be most appreciated.  Earl, does
the new version help out here?  Thanks.

Jerry Werner

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