Re: How to Handle "Stylized" Messages?

1996-02-06 15:40:34
[first part of message removed]
 > I'd like this capability so that I can set up MHonArc to present
 > stylized messages, complete with imbedded web links and images.
 > Any ideas about how to handle this easily?  As I understand it, I
 > can specify messages as type "text/html" and MHonArc will preserve
 > all the html formatting, but that doesn't seem to solve the problem
 > of converting regular text (without <P> separators between paragraphs
 > and strategically placed <BR> tags) to html, so the text would all
 > run together.  Am I missing something?  (Quite possible.)
 > Any ideas or recommendations would be most appreciated.  Earl, does
 > the new version help out here?  Thanks.
 > Jerry Werner

If you want/able to write a filter for mhonarc, how about this: 
Write your message in HTML. Dump it to (pretty) ASCII using lynx, Mosaic,
Netscape, ... Compose a multipart/alternative (sp?) email from both
version. So the first part in text/plain is readable (except the
disturbing mime headers) and the last part in text/html will be (should?)
be used by your mhonarc filter and is a full featured HTML document
(gzip and base64 it to make it smaller and less disturbing).



As always, thanks for your expertise and help.  I checked out the 
"misc. filters" page you suggested and was surprised at the number of 
different scripts to convert text to html.  I'll experiment with them 
in the next few days.

Your filter suggestion (above) may do much more than I need to do.
All I want to do is to convert a mail message generated in an html
form to "stylized" html in MHonArc, so that if someone neglects to
put carriage returns in the "text area" field of the form that the
resulting message (after MHonArc filtering) doesn't have long run-on
lines, paragraphs will be separated, and I can get away from
preformatted text.  Of course, I also want to provide the capability
to recognize graphics and link markup, although the person submitting
the form won't need to know html (I'll add that information in
processing the form).

In effect, I'd like to add just a little bit of "smarts" to Earl's
text/plain capability (and maintain the hyperlink creation
capability) to insert <p>, recognize normal link/graphics markup
language, and thus do away with the need to use preformatted text.

Perhaps the best thing would to somehow integrate this capability
from one of the text-to-html filters into the existing text/plain
filtering done with MHonArc.

One fundamental question: How does MHonArc know what the MIME type
is for the message?  Right now, the form that's used to create the
email message does not output a MIME Content-Type -- does MHonArc 
default to text/plain, or is their some other method of sensing the 
content type?  As I understand it, my message headers should have two 
additional lines, one specifying the MIME version, and one specifying 
the Content-Type.  Is this correct?

Thanks again for all help and advice.


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