mhonarc v1.2.0 beta 2 available

1996-02-13 17:48:38
The second beta version of mhonarc 1.2 is available at

This version fixes some bugs in b1 and the documentation has
been updated to reflect the new features of 1.2.

        The Installation section of the documentation needs to
        be updated to reflect additional test environments on
        PC (and maybe some Unix) platforms.  Since I do not have
        access to Perl on a PC, any contributions are welcome.

b2 should have support for MacPerl, however, the autodir functionality
has not been implemented.  I still need confirmation if the base
code will work under MacPerl.  I followed some of the suggestions
in the MacPerl FAQ, but have no way of verifying if mhonarc will
run without modification under MacPerl.

BTW, OS detection has been extracted into a separate library called  This library is not specific to mhonarc, so it should
be useable in other Perl programs.

All feedback welcome,


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