Re: 2 rcfiles?

1996-02-16 18:36:47
Hi, I just started using MHonArc and I'm going to be using it to
convert a few different mailing list archives.  I'd like to have
a couple rcfiles, say rc.generic and rc.specific that I use to
do the conversion, e.g.:

  mhonarc -rcfile rc.generic -rcfile rc.specific mbox

Unfortunately the above doesn't work.  I'd like to have rc.generic
contain informatin that I use for all mailing lists and rc.specific
contain information that is specific to a particular list.  Does
anyone have any suggestions for efficient ways to do this?  Right
now I do "cat rc.generic rc.specific > rc" before I run mhonarc.

A solution to your problem is if mhonarc supported the ability
of a system-wide resource file.  Ie. During installation, a global
rc file can be defined to specify the default resources for a
particular site.  Hence, the -rcfile option will augment/override
the settings in the global resource file.

Another feature that can also work is the ability for a resource
file to include other resource files; like the #include directive
in the C programming language.

Since v1.2 is still in beta, I may have time to add one, or both,
of the features mentioned.  You are not the only person who has
requested this type of functionality, and even I would like to
see it.  I'll mail out updates to the list if I add something in
for v1.2.

For now, you will have to do what you are currently doing; ie.
"cat ...".

BTW, you should only need to specify your resources the first time
you create the archive.  All resource settings are stored with
the archive.  Hence, when adding new messages to an archive, there
is no need to respecify the resource file.  Only respecify if you
want to make changes to the archive layout.


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