SOFTWARE> MHonArc v1.2

1996-03-01 19:29:16
Announcing the release of MHonArc v1.2.  MHonArc is a Perl mail-to-HTML
converter. MHonArc provides HTML mail archiving with index, mail thread
linking, etc; plus other capabilities including full support for MIME,
as defined in RFC 1521, and powerful user customization features.

Some of the changes from v1.1:

    o Full MIME processing under Perl 5, 
    o Dynamic index generation, 
    o Multiple indexes support, 
    o More customization features, 
    o Bug fixes, 
    o And much more.

For more information on MHonArc, and how to obtain it, see


    Earl Hood                |   Hewlett-Packard Convex Technology Center
    ehood(_at_)convex(_dot_)com         |   3000 Waterview Parkway
    Phone: (214) 497-4387    |   P.O. Box 833851
    FAX: (214) 497-4500      |   Richardson, TX  75083-3851

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