Re: SOFTWARE> MHonArc v1.2 (list follow-up)

1996-03-01 19:44:14
As stated in the previous message, the non-beta release of MHonArc v1.2
is now available.  I'd like to mention a few notes for those who have
been following this list and for users of the beta versions:

        o  As per the request from Achim, a postscript version of the
           documentation is supplied (almost 80 pages!).

        o  Some layout resources (MGSPGBEG, MSGPGEND) were not
           supported in the -single option in the beta versions.  This
           has been fixed.

        o  Although the base code was modified to (hopefully) handle
           MacPerl, due to the lack of users to test it, MacPerl
           usage is not officially mentioned in the v1.2 release.

        o  The FAQ is located at
           I will try to post the FAQ (with any updates) to list
           on a periodic basis.  Feedback and contributions are

Hope enjoy the latest release,


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