Re: Automatically inserting html code

1996-03-05 18:27:47
"DH" == Dan Hurwitz <hurwitz(_at_)lash(_dot_)mitre(_dot_)org> writes:

DH> In other words can MHonArc automatically insert html code (text, table,
DH> form, buttons) at the bottom of each html mail message?

You can include any HTML you desire at the end of each message using
<MSGPGEND> in the resource file.

DH> I found where it can alter the headers and footers, but not the insert
DH> new html code from a pre-existing file.

Hmmm.  You could always cut and paste or run the resource file through a
quick script, but I take it you're looking for something else.  It would be
relatively trivial to modify the source to come up with something that
includes files as <FOOTER> does in index pages.  Use of <FOOTER> is
discouraged, though.

If you want some sort of access-time inclusion instead of something that
happens when you build the archive then you'll have to look at how your
HTTP server deals with server-side includes.  You're out of HTML at that
point, though.

DH> I could understand a good reason for this capability not to exist,
DH> however is it possible to do this?

Anything is possible given sufficient source code hacking.  If you just
want something like <FOOTER> I can hack it in a few minutes for you.
You'll have to convince me why something in <MSGPGEND> won't work, though.
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