Re: Possible bug?

1996-03-07 17:41:58
I have one message out of 6000 in an archive for which MHonArc v1.2
generates odd HTML code.  It might not actually be illegal, but it looks
odd to me.  The problem is this line:

<LINK REV="made" HREF="mailto:"JESTER";>

The relevant headers are 

<!--X-Subject: Re: Re: your mail -->
<!--X-From: "JESTER OF DOOM (aka bastard)" 
U&gt;  -->

You found a bug in the extract_email_address() rountine in
The routine needs to have more intelligence added to it.  It works
off some simple assumptions that can break in some circumstances.

A possible quick dirty fix is to have the check for /\&lt;(\S+)\&gt;/


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