MHonArc vs. Hypermail

1996-03-08 12:28:12
I realize that this may be considered an impolite question, but
it's an honest one.  I'm not seeking flames, just information.

I have a need to set up WWW archives for several mailing lists and
I am trying to decide between MHonArc and Hypermail.  Is there
an existing comparison of the pros and cons of the two?

A quick look at the documentation for both results in the
following tentative list of differences:

    MHonArc                    Hypermail
    -------                    ---------
    Perl                       C or Common Lisp
    Unix or DOS                Unix
    MH or Unix mailbox format  Unix mailbox format
    MIME support               No MIME support
Neither one has built-in support for a search index.  Both permit
incremental updates.
Since I am working in a Unix environment, am comfortable with either
C or Perl, and don't need the MH-style mailbox format, it seems that
the only significant difference in my case is that MHonArc supports

Or have I missed something?  Surely Hypermail must do something
MHonArc won't do, as it also seems to have its adherents.


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