Re: Should MHonArc handle this From line?

1996-03-13 16:18:11
"EH" == Earl Hood <ehood(_at_)imagine(_dot_)convex(_dot_)com> writes:

EH> Yep, it's MIME.  It is part RFC 1522.  Currently, mhonarc does not
EH> support RFC 1522.

And I should know that.  Oops.

EH> For now, there is probably no acceptible work-around for your needs
EH> besides limiting the From string length.

It's not a problem, really.  I was just curious.  I doubt that most
browsers could properly handle the embedded JIS anyway; Netscape can't
unless you also get rid of italics.  Why it can't handle more than one base
font onscreen at once is beyond me.

EH> P.S.  I am curious about your table-based index, and how it looks.

I wanted a display that lined up nicely that could show all of a long
subject.  I came up with the following, which may include some local hacks
to MHonArc.  Caveat hackor.  An example can be seen at
<URL:>.  The only real
problems I see is that large tables are somewhat slow for some browsers to
generate and I don't really know how to handle browsers that don't do
tables.  Any ideas?

 - J<

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