Re: Should MHonArc handle this From line?

1996-03-13 17:11:30
Jason L Tibbitts III said:
font onscreen at once is beyond me.

EH> P.S.  I am curious about your table-based index, and how it looks.

I wanted a display that lined up nicely that could show all of a long
subject.  I came up with the following, which may include some local hacks
to MHonArc.  Caveat hackor.  An example can be seen at
<URL:>.  The only real
problems I see is that large tables are somewhat slow for some browsers to
generate and I don't really know how to handle browsers that don't do
tables.  Any ideas?

Three (maybe) possible solutions. All are based on the client request

        1) CGI: *If* a cgi script has access
           to them it could check what browser requested the page
        2) HTTPD: content negotiation: Tables are HTML 3.0. So if the
           browser claims that he can display HTML3 return the table
           version otherwise return a HTML2 version of the index
        3) HTTPD: Multiviews (same principle as 2.)

For all cases you also have to try out the new <otherindexes> resource 
of mhonarc v1.2 to create two version of the cronological and the thread

Disclaimer: Nothing tested to work. Just the ways I would try.


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