Re: Some hacks I find useful

1996-03-21 20:29:44
Added a new resource element, TRIMSUBJECT, which is a regexp that will
be removed from the subject of each message wherever it appears.  My lists
go out with a tag like "FVWM:" at the head of each message, which I didn't
want to show up in the archives.  The match is case sensitive.

This is a good idea.  I'd like to expand on it to make it more general
for any field in a message header.  I'm going to release a bug fix /
minor enhancement release (hopefully by tomorrow), so this type of
functionality will have to wait for a later release.

Added a new resource element, TRIMMSG, which is a multiline regexp
that will be removed from the body of each message wherever it appears.  My
lists go out with a five line footer giving the location of appropriate web
pages, unsubscription instructions and the address of the list maintainer.
I wanted this removed from the archived messages.  The match is case
sensitive and multiline.

This can be a dangerous feature, and not suitable for how mhonarc is
designed.  I.e.  Since mhonarc deals with MIME, the TRIMMSG setting can
have unpredictable behavior with non-text/plain messages.

The recommended approach is to add the functionality you require into
the text/plain filter by either created your own and registering it, or
by modifying the default one.  This will insure that text/plain
messages will only get trimmed and other types of messages are

Added a new resource variable, $OUTDIR$, which contains the current setting
of the -outdir command line flag.  I wanted to include this information in
the headers of my indices.

Shall be added in the next minor release (for tomorrow).


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