Re: Some hacks I find useful

1996-03-21 21:29:03
"EH" == Earl Hood <ehood(_at_)imagine(_dot_)convex(_dot_)com> writes:


EH> This can be a dangerous feature, and not suitable for how mhonarc is
EH> designed.  I.e.  Since mhonarc deals with MIME, the TRIMMSG setting can
EH> have unpredictable behavior with non-text/plain messages.

That's a good point.

EH> The recommended approach is to add the functionality you require into
EH> the text/plain filter by either created your own and registering it, or
EH> by modifying the default one.

My problem is passing a potentially large regexp which includes newlines to
the filter.  I could do it via a filter argument, but I doubt that will
work.  I don't know if it's clean to leave the resource element as is and
just reference it from within the filter.  It has to be configuration
specific; I don't want write a different filter for every list.

 - J<

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