SOFTWARE> MHonArc v1.2.1

1996-03-22 15:11:20
Announcing the release of MHonArc v1.2.1.  This is a bug fix and minor
enhancement release ov v1.2.  Changes are the following:

        o  Added support for x-uuencode content-transfer-encoding.

        o  Added -locktries command-line option.

        o  Added the resource variable $OUTDIR$.

        o filter will use the name parameter string
           on the content-type field as the anchor text to the file
           if there is no content-description.

        o  application/x-patch is recognized and processed by the
           text/plain filter (

        o  Fixed bug in and where setting
           $'PROG caused perl to terminate if $'DIRSEP was a backslash
           (occured under MS-DOS usage).

        o  Fixed bug in in the create_dir routine.
           If $DIRSEP was a backslash, the regular expression setting
           @a would cause perl to abort with an error.

        o  Fixed database bug where the MIMEARGS resource setting
           was not being stored.

        o  Fixed index listing bug where a reverse listing was not
           correct if an index size was specified less than the
           current size of the archive.

See <URL:> for
availability information.


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