Re: File size limit? [mhonarc 1.21]

1996-03-27 11:17:33
"Jason R. Mastaler" said:
I am trying to use mhonarc to convert some standard UNIX mailbox
style files, some of large size.  With small files, there are no
problems, but with larger ones, my attempts fail.

When trying to process a 2MB mailbox file consisting of around
1300 messages, everything starts out fine, but ends with an
8MB core dump.  Is there a limit to the number of messages Mhonarc
can process at one time?  Thanks.

My biggest mbox file has 7.2MB with 2100 messages. So it should also
work for you.

One restiction is that the number of messages are < 100000 :-). Perl on
the other hand gives up if your system resources are exhausted. I would
guess that it could be a memory problem. Try the option (V1.2 and greater)


If it still crashes I would suggest to watch to your system resources to
see what limit is reached.


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