Re: File size limit? [mhonarc 1.21]

1996-03-27 11:41:17
My biggest mbox file has 7.2MB with 2100 messages. So it should also
work for you.

One restiction is that the number of messages are < 100000 :-). Perl on
the other hand gives up if your system resources are exhausted. I would
guess that it could be a memory problem. Try the option (V1.2 and greater)


Ok, thanks the -savemem option worked (somewhat).  It allowed the conversion 
process to complete, but I ran into problems when mhonarc tried to write the 

Writing mail ...
zsh: segmentation fault (core dumped)  mhonarc -savemem -outdir /archive inbox

This machine has 32MB memory and 70MB of swap space configured.  I guess I 
will experiment on some other machines with more memory, or break up the 
large files into smaller ones.  Thanks for the help.

Jason R. Mastaler                                     
Cadmus Interactive                                    http://www.CADMUS-I.COM/

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