Re: Lost maillist.html

1996-03-27 17:22:07
Somehow my main index(maillist.html) has absolutely nothing in
it but the title 'Main Index.' My threads.html has all my 
messages, but how can i get them back into my main index? I have 
deleted the maillist.html, hoping that when more mail is 
converted that a new maillist.html file will be created with all 
my messages. That wasn't the just created a 
maillist.html file with only the title 'Main Index.'

Some of the following information may help us figure out the problem:

        What version of perl are you running?
        What version of mhonarc are you using?
        What operating system are you using?

Plus, the terminal output of mhonarc may help determine if any
warning or error messages ocurred during execution.


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