Re: Lost maillist.html

1996-03-28 13:24:03
Perl 5, Windows NT 3.51, Mhonarc 1.1, Eudora Lite

My first recommendation is to get v1.2.1.  Try out the latest version
and see if the problem persists.

This command line does not generate any errors to my knowledge:
perl c:\bin -add -mbox [path to inbox]
During message conversion, [it] said it was adding new mailbox(es)
to maillist.html. I did check the directory where the messages are kept,
and the only thing different that it had was a 117.tmp file. When I ran
that in Notepad, it was the 'Main Index' title.

It looks like some file I/O problem, maybe not a fault of mhonarc's.
Try v1.2.1 and tell us if things clear up.


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