re:mhonarc problems under dos continued

1996-04-24 07:48:34
At 07:44 AM 4/23/96 -0700, Bill Standke wrote:
I am having the same problem as  "C.Huygen" 
with  "Unable to read .\mhonarc.db" when attempting to add mail to an 
active archive under dos.  Has anyone found a solution yet?

Bill, I confirmed that this is a bug with no workaround short of patching
the MHonArc code.  I sent my diagnosis and a partial patch to Earl.  The
patial patch has the side effect of breaking the -outdir option under DOS,
so I'm waiting for Earl to determine how to re-enable -outdir.

There's another patch that I didn't test.  No guarantees.

In the file, find the following code near the top:

    if (($tmp = $ENV{'COMSPEC'}) && ($tmp =~ /[a-zA-Z]:\\/) && (-e $tmp)) {
        $'MSDOS = 1;  $'MACOS = 0;  $'UNIX = 0;
        $'DIRSEP = '\\';  $'CURDIR = '.';

Change the double backslash in the $'DIRSEP assignment to a single forward
slash.  After making the patch, when running MHonArc use forward slashes in
all file and directory names given on the command line to invoke MHonArc,
except for the perl interpreter's location.  For example,

   \bin\perl /bin/mhonarc  -outdir c:/junk -add c:/eudora/junk.mbx

If you do try this, please report back the results to the list.

-- thanks, SP

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