Install Problem?

1996-04-24 16:28:33
Hello again.

I've gotten v1.2.2 and installed it using Perl patch 36. However,
even when converting a simple message using no resource file, I get a
segmentation fault and core dump.  I'm using a DEC Alpha 2100 w/ 128mb RAM,
OSF/1 v3.2

Here's the command I used (the message file is 960308081411.00) and the result.
I have used MHonArc v1.0 previously without difficulty. 

#/usr/local/MHonArc/mhonarc -add <arc/960308081411.00
Requiring MIME filter libraries ...
Adding message to .
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

Any help would be appreciated.

-Robert Reed

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