Re: 'mailto's & message text

1996-04-25 14:40:58
Paul Thomas said:

I have just joined the list having decided to start using MHonArc. So
my 'newbie' questions are:

1. I would like all email addresses in message text and sig files to
be converted to 'mailto's.

To quote Earl Hood:

  > Does mhonarc place links in the html wherever URLs and email
  > addresses appear in the mail message?

  The default text/plain filter does URLs.  Adding e-mail address
  detection is straight-forward.  BTW, since mhonarc is based on MIME, it
  is easy to override the default filters in mhonarc with your own custom
  filters.  Note: mhonarc does convert e-mail addresses in the message
  header fields to mail URLs.


As far as I remember the reason to not support mailto in message bodies
is that an algorithm can't distinguish between message-ids and e-mail
2. Do all URL's have to have '< >'?

No, a URL has no surrounding '<' '>'. It is a convention|draft|rfc to
markup URLs in normal text between '<URL:' and '>' so that a URL
detection mechanism needs no heuristic.

3. And on some message text, the text just goes off the right hand of
the monitor. The white space between words seems a little much. Is there
a way to adjust this or specify a different 'font size= '? I'm viewing
with a garden variety setup, vga + Netscape 1.6 (I think) and a consumer
grade video card. Things look great with Hypermail. I like to tweak for
the lowest common denominator if I can.

I don't know Hypermail but how text is displayed depends only on the
HTML code. Mhonarc uses <PRE> tags to format non mime message bodies. This
means that multiple whitespaces are preserved. Maybe that Hypermail does
not warp the message body between <PRE>. In this case multiple white
space will be treated as one white space and the font is a proportional
and not a fixed one resulting in shorter lines. 


Any advice is appreciated!

Thanks Earl and all for the great work! 

--Paul T.

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